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Here you will find various courses and selected videos on the Bible

Get to know God better through the Bible

Let yourself be inspired and challenged. God loves you. He is real to experience.

COURSES on the Bible

Are you interested in learning more about God, His plan for you, the Bible and the Christian faith? The courses will help you do that.

MOVIES about the Bible
The selected films show you an authentic picture of the people and events as described in the Bible. God’s actions in the lives of these people make clear His love for us and reveal His plan for us.

This book is a greater miracle than all the miracles it bears witness to.

Quote about the Bible: Amalie von Gallitzin (1748 - 1806), princess and writer


I would like to invite you to look at the story of Salomen. She tells you how, after a long search and journey, she finally managed to let go and trust God. (Subtitles in English)


For reading on the cell phone is well suited the BibleApp of YouVersion.

Bible online

It is possible to compare translations of the Bible by displaying different translations in parallel on the computer.